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Are you looking for a florist in Clayton MO? Give our Clayton flower shop a call at (314) 644-3566 and we offer flower delivery.

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Alex Waldbart Florist is a florist in Clayton MO and we deliver flowers. Introduction to Floral Arrangements. For this series, we will discuss the basic elements of creating floral arrangements. We'll also look into the details of designing and assembling flower arrangements. In Part 1, we explained the basics in processing, storing, and maintaining flowers. By doing this, we keep blooms fresh before presenting them to our customers. For this second part, we show the typical flowers, greens, and plants used for decor. We tackle creative ways to put them together. With this, we can create gorgeous arrangements with a personal touch for each order. For more details on using color and design in floristry, see our next article! We'll connect the different concepts we learned. We'll put them all together to create a helpful guide for every florist. So keep reading to find out everything about floristry that you need to know! Interested in programs about the principles of designing floral arrangements? We recommend schools like the American Institute of Floral Designers ( We also encourage you to check out the Society of American Florists (


Call Alex Waldbart Florist the flower delivery experts in Clayton MO or surrounding areas today for your free estimate or if you have any questions, give us a call at (314) 644-3566

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Creating and Designing Flower Arrangements. Romantic dates, exciting parties, and even our homes aren't complete without lovely blooms. A bouquet of fresh flowers adds the perfect touch of nature's elegance and beauty. We've gathered up info about crafting floral arrangements from florists all across the country. Here, we give out top tips you need to know! Flowers, Greens, and Plants. Every arrangement is unique! But no matter the style and size of your bouquet, there are basic steps each florist should do:. Choose and prep all your flowers. In Part 1, we talked about how to keep your flowers fresh and clean. This is vital to maintaining high-quality blooms and floral arrangements. Now start with selecting the flowers you want to use. Give them fresh cuts at a 45 ° angle. With this, you can clear away excess leaves to stop bacteria growth. Keep in mind what blooms are in season. Perk up your design by mixing and matching these blooms! Choose your vase and foliage for the base. Keep your bouquet flowing by putting green foliage at the base. Place them in different directions for a natural look. This will help complement the flowers of your choosing! Add smaller or accent flowers. Begin your design by filling accent flowers into your bouquet in groups of three. Be sure to turn your vase as you work. This will help you create a pleasing and balanced look.

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Insert large blooms in the gaps. Some florists place in their main flowers before anything else. This is because they want a focal point for the accents and the greens. But we found that saving them for last is more effective. We recommend you insert bigger flowers in the gaps in your arrangement. This brings more life to your design! Popular Flowers and Plants You Should Know. Even newbies to floral design have chanced upon many famous flowers! Roses are, by far, the most well-known flowers. Their simple, stylish form looks perfect when arranged in long-stemmed bunches. Even single stems make delightful gifts! Coming in next are the carnations, daisies, lilies, and orchids. It's amazing how popular they are among customers of all ages and backgrounds. Now let's talk about foliages. Florists often use anthurium, philodendron, and olive branches. They're long-lasting and easy to care for. That's why they're perfect for many arrangements! For accent flowers, florists love baby's breath and chrysanthemums. These tender blooms add a stylish wildflower note into the mix. As florists, we have our favorites. But above all else, our top priority is being sure clients get the perfect arrangement they want! This relies on their taste and the event they wish to use it for. Our job is to guarantee they get the most gorgeous, unique bouquets!

Introduction to Floral Arrangements. Styles, Elements and Principles of Floral Design. For this series, we will go over the basic aspects of creating floral arrangements. We'll also dive into the features of designing and putting together flower arrangements. In Part 1, we explored the know-hows in processing, storing, and maintaining flowers. In Part 2, we looked at the standard flowers and plants used for decor. We also discussed how-tos in crafting lovely arrangements in an efficient way. Here in Part 3, we'll put together everything we learned into a handy and practical guide. We'll discover the origins of floral design all the way to current forms today. As budding florists, you'll find everything you need to know right here! Interested in programs on designing floral arrangements? We recommend schools like the American Institute of Floral Designers ( We also encourage you to check out the Society of American Florists ( Three Primary Styles of Floral Design. Various styles of floral design came about from distinct cultures around the world. Plenty of florists continue to carry out these traditions in fresh and relevant ways. The first key style of floral design is the Oriental style. It focuses on the lines of the arrangement. It aims for unity and balance in combining flowers and greens. Next is the traditional or Western style. It emphasizes the look and use of flowers en masse. It leans towards uneven arrangements that still inspire rhythm and creativity. Coming in last is the modern floral style. It ensued as a blend of Eastern and Western styles. It bases upon the form and lines of the Oriental style. But it also allows florists to manifest their creative talent through unique design. Elements and Principles of Floral Design. As florists, we have our favorite styles. Our customers also have various tastes and needs. But for each arrangement, each florist needs to use a few basic elements. With this, you can create top-notch bouquets that still match your client's demands.

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Are you in the Clayton, Missouri area and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers or freshest flowers, flower arrangement, floral gifts, right gift, beautiful floral arrangement delivered on special occasion for special someone? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Clayton, Missouri. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

Alex Waldbart Florist has been serving Clayton, we are family-owned and operated with one location serving the Clayton, Missouri area. Our flower shop serve the areas with same day delivery:

Here is the lineup of important factors to bear in mind:. Design. Every design starts with developing a visual and theme. Are you going for a chic finish or a rustic appeal? Should your bouquet have a showy look or a subtle one? It is crucial to consider these questions before building your arrangement. Proportion and Scale. These two elements come hand in hand when you plan floral arrangements. They're especially helpful when you prep for large events and venues. Proportion is about the relationship between the sizes of pieces in your design. This consists of your flowers, plants, and vases. Scale refers to the placement of your flowers in the desired space. For instance, will your arrangement serve as a centerpiece for a table or decor for the entire venue? This will help you consider if your design fits the space where you set it. Balance. This principle emphasizes the form and structure of your floral design. Regardless of your desired style is, each arrangement must have a sense of balance. To achieve this, your bouquet should have an element of similar color, texture, or weight on each side. Flowers and ornaments need to balance each other well in inspired ways. Rhythm. This element brings life to your design! It creates flow and movement that seizes attention. It's all about arranging flowers based upon their shape and form. With this, it pulls the eye to the focus of the design all the way to its edges. Emphasis. Main flowers are the stars of your show! They serve as the focal point of your design. This is where accents and foliage seem to spring from, creating a stunning illusion. This principle is all about bringing focus to your main flowers. You can create emphasis by contrasting colors and types of blooms. This means you select accents and foliage to complement the main flowers! Harmony and Unity. Every floral design needs to be relevant to the occasion and theme. It must ensure a harmonious blend of different colors. It also needs to look unified with its vase and placement. For a more in-depth manual on the use of color and design in floristry, see our next article!


Clayton, Missouri

Clayton is a city in and the seat of St. Louis County, Missouri. It borders the independent city of St. Louis. The population was 17,355 at the 2020 census. Organized in 1877, the city was named after Ralph Clayton who donated the land for the St. Louis County courthouse. Clayton, Missouri coordinates at 38°38′43″N 90°19′55″W.

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